We're offering a full range of services for almost every make and model.


Coding specific ECU's allows us to get the most out of your vehicles. It is used to add features and enhance your vehicle and increases your car value. Dealers charge hundreds per individual coding, alternatively you can contact us for a more reasonable quote.

  • Remote Windows Closure
  • Welcome Home Lights
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Alarm Acoustic Confirmation
  • Enable Video Function while driving
  • & many other coding...


Programming gives us the power to register new module into your car. Programming is important as without it, the replaced modules are not recognised by the car computer system and therefore wont function properly.

  • Program New / Replaced Modules
  • Airbags
  • New Batteries
  • PDC Units
  • Fuel Injectors
  • & many others


Diagnostics allows us to read fault codes that are stores in your cars computer system. We can withdraw specific codes and then do an in-depth test plan to test a specific part to find the exact cause of the problem, just like how the manufacturer dealer would do it.

  • Error Lights Reset
  • Airbag Light Reset
  • Service Light Reset
  • Look at the stored Codes
  • In-depth Test of Individual Part
  • & man other diagnostic capabilities

Don't let others charge you too much! Get in touch.

Khan Performance offers manufacturer standard work for less.

After conducting our research we found out that other places charge too much almost as much as dealer prices. So at Khan Performance we decided to bring you those services for a reasonable price.

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Is your car in limp mode and engine performance is restricted or have you got Diesel Particular Filter light on dash? whatever the case get in-touch with us and get the problem diagnosed and eliminated before it builds up to a bigger problem, replacing DPF can be very expensive and cost up to £2000.

  • Symptoms:
  • Limp Mode
  • DPF Light on Dash
  • Max Speed limited to 30-45mph

Windows Tinting

Tints allows you to add privacy to your car, enhance the look and protect the interior of your car from harmful UV.

  • Enhances the look
  • Adds Privacy
  • Protects your Interior from UV

Entertainment System

Improve the quality of your audio / video entertainment system.

  • Installing OEM / Aftermarket Systems
  • Installing Amp / Sub
  • Aux & I-pod Installation
  • Speakers Upgrade
  • Decoding Stereo Codes
  • & many other services


Alloys makes your car stand out from other, so don't ruin the look of your car with scraped and chipped alloys.

  • Scraped Alloys
  • Chipped Alloys
  • Changing the Colour


Want to change the look of your car but keep the original colour or want to change parts of your car. Here at Khan Performance we are bringing you professional car wrapping services at a guaranteed low price SOON!

  • Full Car Vinyl Wrap
  • Individual Parts Wrap


ECU Tuning is coming very soon! Our qualified engineers can tune your car ECU for both performance and economy. Whether you're just after performance tune (BHP + Torque Increase) or you want to get a more economy tune or perhaps a combination of both - you will soon be able get these services soon.

  • ECU Tune for Performance
  • ECU Tune for Economy
  • BHP increase
  • Torque Increase

Find out more by visiting our individual Service Pages.We have In-depth information about each service and the current supported vehicle.

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